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Our guides, information, hints and tips aim to help you navigate the world of energy. We look at some great ways to reduce energy usage around the home and also explain your bills to help you understand how your appliances coincide with what you are charged for gas and electricity. We also take a look at the utility companies that supply gas and electricity to homes across the UK, and show you how to compare prices to switch energy supplier and start saving money.

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Top Energy Saving Tips

Our top energy saving tips can help you make simple changes to reduce the amount of energy used in your home. By separating your home energy use into different areas including cooking, lighting and heating, we help you take a step by step approach towards making your home more energy efficient.

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Energy Bills Explained

Energy bills may look complicated but once you know what to look for, they are actually fairly simple. Understanding your energy bill allows you to see how you are charged for the gas and electricity that you use and identify where you spending money in your home. This also means you will be better prepared to compare energy deals and save money by switching to the best deal.

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7 Reasons You Haven’t Switched Energy Supplier

Switching energy supplier can save you hundreds and will take only a matter of minutes! Lots of people now switch regularly, but we are still surprised by how many people don’t. Here we look at some of the reasons why people don’t switch supplier and debunk some myths in the process. If you haven’t switched for one of these reasons it might be worth taking another look.

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How to Read Your Gas Meter

Your gas meter measures consumption in cubic metres or cubic feet (depending on your meter type). This is then converted to chargeable units on your energy bill. Here we explain how to read your gas meter and the calculations used by energy suppliers to convert your meter reading and charge you for the energy that you have used.

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What is a Unit of Electricity?

The amount of electricity that you used is measured in kilowatt hours (kWh’s), more commonly known as a units. Your electricity meter measures the number of units used and you are then charged an amount for each unit used. Here we help you understand how a unit is calculated and the amount of units that you are using each time you switch on an electrical appliance in your home. Understanding this is a great way to see where you are using most energy in your home and to see if there are any areas where you can cut back.

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What is a Unit of Gas?

The amount of gas that you use is measured in kilowatt hours (kWh’s), more commonly known as a units. Unfortunately your gas meter does not show you how many units you are using, but instead measures your consumption in cubic metres or feet (depending on the meter installed at your property). This is then converted to units on your gas bill. Here we explain the process used to convert cubic metres and feet to the kilowatt hour/unit equivalent. We also and help you to understand how many units the appliances in your home may be using so that you can better manage your use of gas in your home.

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How Much Electricity do your Gadgets and Appliances Use and Cost to Run?

There are many simple ways to save energy and cut the amount that you are spending, but many people don’t actually know what they are actually spending on energy and how much different gadgets and appliances in their home cost to run. Here you can find out the hourly and annual running costs of lots of appliances that you will find in your home. Having an idea of the costs makes it much easier to see where where you can cut energy use and make savings on your electricity bill.


Is Your Energy Account in Credit?
People are often unaware that they may have surplus money sitting in their energy account. It’s your money so you are perfectly entitled to claim this back and sometimes the amounts can add up to hundreds of pounds.

Energy Saving Gadgets for Your Home
A whole host of energy saving devices and gadgets exist to help cut your home energy use. Here are some ideas to help cut your heating and electricity bills.

Things to Consider before Switching Energy Supplier
Switching energy supplier can save you hundreds of pounds each year. Here are some things to consider if you’re thinking of switching.

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