Types of Energy Tariff’s

There are many different energy types available available to fit lots of circumstances or requirements. We explain the difference to help you make the right choice.

Dual Fuel Tariffs
Dual fuel tariffs are simply when the same energy supplier provides both your gas and electricity. There are a number of benefits to this.

  • First of all dual fuel tariffs are generally cheaper. Energy suppliers want you to use them for both your gas and electricity. Most will therefore give you a discount for your loyalty.
  • Dual fuel tariffs also tend to make your life easier. You have one energy supplier, which means one point of contact and generally only one payment leaving your bank account every month. It’s also easier because you only receive energy bills from one company. As they will use a similar layout its easier to get familiar with them and understand your energy usage.

Comparing duel fuel tariffs is really straightforward. When using our energy tariff calculator you can select dual fuel tariffs by clicking the ‘Gas and Electricity’ button when asked which type of fuel you would like to compare.

Remember that dual fuel tariffs aren’t always the cheapest option as its down to lots of factors including your individual circumstances.

Fixed Rate Tariffs
Fixed rate energy tariffs (sometimes called capped tariffs) allow you to fix the amount you pay for gas and electricity so that you can avoid energy price rises. This is great for helping you to manage your budget as you will know what you will pay for the duration of the tariff, without having to worry about price increases.

You’ll generally pay a little bit extra for the certainty provided. Most companies offer fixed rate tariffs for up to 5 years. The longer you fix for the more you usually pay.

Green / Renewable Energy Tariffs
Green energy tariffs are offered by lots of energy companies and are designed to allow you to contribute to energy efficiency and the environment. However as its the same electricity coming through your wires, how do they actually make a difference?

UK energy suppliers source energy from a variety of different energy generation technologies. The majority of this is via fossil fuels, however when you switch to a green tariff you can help to reduce this. Different tariffs work in different ways, but some will match the amount of energy that you consume by generating an equal amount using using renewable technologies. Other allow the supplier to invest in environmental projects or schemes such as wall and loft insulation on your behalf. These help to reduce the amount of energy that is required across the country.

Online Energy Tariffs
All suppliers now offer online energy tariffs  that enable you to manage all of your bills and payments simply by accessing your own account area online. Most suppliers also offer you a discount since they don’t need to send you bills in the post so its cheaper for them to manage.

Online tariffs can be great for understanding your energy usage and keeping track on how much you spend. Most provide you with a month by month breakdown, allowing you to provide regular meter readings. This makes it easier to see how your energy habits change over the year and to understand how your actions make a difference to the amount of energy you use. You can also check if your account is in credit or debit and if necessary contact your energy company to discuss altering any regular direct debit payment.

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