Government launch power to switch campaign

Government Power to Switch Campaign

For many of us in the UK it seems that the past 10 years of financial doom and gloom have driven us toward better habits, particularly when it comes to managing our money. Unfortunately one area that still seems to be neglected is how much we spend on energy. Most people give very little thought to gas and electricity charges and don’t realise there are some huge, easy savings to be made when you switch energy supplier.

Savings of £200+ can often be achieved with some households saving much more. Recent government figures show that 13.5 million households across the UK are missing out with the total missed savings amounting to around £2.7 billion.

It appears that the best energy deals are being used to attract new customers, so unfortunately those long term loyal customers are missing out by not shopping around for energy.

To help get the ball rolling and promote the benefits of regular switching, in February 2015 the government launched its Power to Switch campaign. This provides more information about the benefits of shopping around and advice on how to find the best deal. With 26 different energy suppliers now operating in the market, competition has increased greatly and there are some great deals to be found.

If you’re ready to get going, grab a copy of your bill and visit our tariff calculator to find the best deals and Switch Energy Supplier here.

At Switch Energy Supplier our tariff calculator is provided by Energylinx and is fully accredited under OFGEM’s Confidence Code. The quotes that you received are 100% impartial and based on the whole of market. This means that you will see all energy tariffs that are available to you and its then your choice to decide which to go ahead with.

To find out more about switching energy supplier, visit our Switching Guide here.

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