Ovo Energy

Ovo Energy was established by entrepreneur Stephen Fitzpatrick and began supplying energy in September 2009. Ovo Energy has since become one of the most well known of the smaller energy companies, supplying almost 700,000 domestic customers in the UK. This represents approximately 2.5% of the domestic energy market; Ovo has targeted to increased this to at least one million customers by 2020.

The company has circa 1,200 employees across their two UK based site in Bristol and London, and the company pride themselves on operating only UK based call centres. Ovo specifically state that they offer a, simple, transparent service and make customer focused business decisions as though the customer is always in the room.

Ovo offer three main energy tariffs including their two standard tariffs, ‘Better Energy’ and ‘Simpler Energy’, both of which comprise a 33% renewal component, whilst Ovo also provides a ‘Greener Energy’ tariff, comprising 100% renewable energy.

In addition to their main energy supply business, Ovo also supports further ‘green’ projects including via involvement in sponsoring rain forests and their more localised ‘I Dig Trees’ campaign which planted 158,000 trees across the UK in 2015 and aimed for a further 250,000 in 2016.

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