Who are Ebico?

Ebico is an Oxfordshire based energy supplier established in 1998. The company operates from a strong ethical perspective, adopting a prime mission of helping those affected by fuel poverty. In 2016 Ebico now supplies energy to over 60,000 households across the UK.

The company operates a small number of uncomplicated tariffs, focussing primarily on low-energy use customers and those using pre-payment meters whom are often charged at higher rates by many energy suppliers. Ebico’s tariffs also traditionally only charge customers for energy that they actually use. This means they aim to provide tariffs with zero standing charges and no exit fees.

Ebico itself does not generate its own energy, but uses SSE as its licensed supply partner. SSE provide both their energy and account management services.

Whilst Ebico provide some great value tariffs, you should always check prices based on your own specific circumstances.

Ebico’s Fuel Mix

  • Coal

    31% of Ebico’s energy is generated using coal as a fuel source.

  • Natural Gas

    27% of Ebico’s energy is generated using natural gas fuel.

  • Nuclear Energy

    3% of Ebico’s energy is generated using nuclear power sources.

  • Renewable Energy

    37% of Ebico’s energy is produced using renewable energy sources.

  • Other

    2% of Ebico’s energy is generated using fuel sources categorised as ‘other’.

(Ebico’s fuel mix figures are for the period from 1st April 2014 to 31st March 2015).

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