Who are E-on?

Eon are one of the UK’s ‘big six’ energy suppliers and one of the worlds largest investor-owned power and gas companies. In the UK the company was originally known as Powergen, which was then acquired by German company Eon in 2002. In 2016 Eon now supplies energy to approximately 5 million domestic and business customers across the UK.

The company is also a major energy generator operating coal and oil fired power stations and currently investing in a variety of renewable energy technologies. Eon presently operate 16 onshore and 5 offshore wind farms, including being a partner with a 30% stake in the worlds largest offshore windfarm, the London Array.

The company employs approximately 9400 in the UK from 15 offices and Eon state their aim is to provide customers with “simpler products, at fair prices and a responsive, friendly and helpful service”.

In addition to supplying energy, Eon also offer services such as free loft and cavity wall insulation to eligible households. The company further assist its customers with energy saving initiatives such as its new Eon Touch smartphone app, which allows customers to control their energy requirements including heating and hot water when they are not at home using their smartphone.

Eon’s Fuel Mix

  • Coal

    38.6% of e-on’s energy is produced by coal.

  • Gas

    36.2% of e-on’s energy is produced by gas.

  • Nuclear

    14.2% of e-on’s energy is produced by nuclear power stations.

  • Renewable Fuel

    4.7% of e-on’s energy is produced by renewable energy technologies.

  • Other

    6.3% of e-on’s energy is produced by other sources.

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