Frequently Asked Questions about the Energy Markets and Switching Supplier.

Here are some answers to the most frequent questions that we get asked about energy and our service to you. Click the questions below to see the answers.

When you Switch Energy Supplier you can easily save hundreds of pounds. Recent government figures suggest that people who don’t shop around for energy pay approximately £200 more per year than those who do, however we know that many people using our energy tariff calculator see much bigger savings than this. We occasionally see annual energy savings of between £1,000 and £2,000.

The total amount that you can save depends on your existing energy tariff, consumption, and the new tariffs that are suitable for you. By entering your details into our tariff calculator you will get bespoke results that show all of the best deals for you.

Switching supplier is one of the quickest and easiest ways to reduce your spending and remember that you get exactly the same product whilst simply paying less money!

Your savings will depend on a number of factors:

  • Your energy consumption.
  • The amount your pay for gas and electricity on your existing tariff.
  • The method that you use to pay your bills. For example, discounts are often available when using certain payment methods such as direct debits.
  • The location of your property and the amount of competition between energy suppliers in your area.

Visit our Tariff Calculator to find out exactly how much you can save. On our tariff calculator page you will also see real time figures displaying the Average Saving and Maximum Saving for all customers that have used our service over the past 60 days.

Our tariff calculator compares all energy tariffs from every single UK energy supplier. Because our calculator is also 100% impartial, this means that you see all of the best energy prices that are available to you. It’s then your choice to decide which to go ahead with.
The whole process should take around 5 minutes. Grab a copy of your gas and electricity bill then click through to our Tariff Calculator. Once you arrive here, entering your details will take only a few minutes and your results will be displayed in a matter of seconds!
Once you’ve got your results, you can get the ball rolling straight away by clicking the ‘Proceed Online’ button next to the specific tariff that you have chosen. You will then be contacted by your new energy supplier who will manage your switch from start to finish. Your new energy supplier will contact you for an opening meter reading and also give you 14 days in which to cancel in case you change your mind and decide not to go ahead. After the 14 days is up, the switch to your new gas and/or electricity supplier will be finalised and the whole process will have been completed in around 3 weeks.
The whole process is taken care of by your new energy supplier. They will contact you for a meter reading and set a switch-over date with your old supplier so that there is no crossover. You will need to pay any outstanding balances with your old supplier.
We compare gas and electricity tariffs from all UK energy suppliers. Click here to see the full list of all of the suppliers compared.
Gas and electricity prices vary depending on area. We need to know the location of your property so that we can find the best deal for you.
No. Your gas and electricity will continue to be supplied as normal and you will simply be billed by a different supplier. Your new energy supplier will handle the switch so that your supply is transferred seamlessly across to them.
No. Our tariff calculator is free to use. If you do switch, we are paid a small fee from your new energy supplier, but this is already built into the marketing budget of all energy suppliers.
Your existing energy supplier can not prevent you from moving to a new supplier, provided that you are not in debt with them. Once any debt has been cleared, you are free to switch.

Note that some suppliers may also charge exit fees depending on the tariff and terms that you are on. Visit out Energy Bills Explained section to find out more about reading your energy bill and finding any charges that may apply.

Yes, provided that you are the bill payer and are responsible for paying your gas and electricity bills. In this case the energy supply contract is between you and the energy supplier, meaning that you have the right to choose and switch supplier as you wish.

If your landlord is responsible for paying the gas and electricity bills and the cost of this is included within your rental payments, it is up to the landlord to decide which energy supplier is used so in this case you will not have the right to choose. This is because the contract is between your landlord and the energy supplier. If you believe that you pay too much for your gas and electricity it may be worth speaking with your landlord to discuss the option of them switching; however they are not obligated to do so.

In the first instance you should contact your energy supplier directly. Energy suppliers are required to have complaints procedures in place and deal with them properly.

Unfortunately this doesn’t always happen. If you are struggling to have your complaint resolved you can contact Energy Ombudsman Service. This is an independent organisation approved by OFGEM to deal with energy complaints. You will not be charged for using the service and they will undertake a fair investigation and decide on action to be taken if you are unable to resolve an issue with your supplier.

At Switch Energy Supplier we have produced our own guide to all the suppliers that we compare. Visit our Gas and Electricity Suppliers page and click on the company that you wish to find out more about.

Here we include details about the company and how they operate. We also provide a breakdown of each suppliers Fuel Mix which shows how they generate the electricity that is supplied to your home and how this compares to the UK average.

Comparing business energy? Visit our FAQ’s for Business Customers here.

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