7 Reasons You Haven’t Switched Energy Supplier

Lots of people now regularly shop around for energy, but it still surprises us how many people don’t. After all, if if there were two petrol stations next to each other, you wouldn’t go to the more expensive one. So why do people do it with energy? Here we look at a few of the common reasons people don’t take advantage of energy switching … maybe you’ll think again if our one of them!

#1. You didn’t realise how much you could save

Shopping around for energy saves most people hundreds of pounds. On average, those who shop around pay £200 less per year than those who don’t. In fact we often see much bigger annual savings upwards of £500. How much you can save all depends on your existing tariff, energy usage and location. Find out how much you can save by visiting our tariff calculator.

Man celebrates after switching energy supplier and saving money.

#2. You don’t have the time to find the best deal

It takes only around 5 minutes to compare gas and electricity prices from every single UK energy supplier using our whole of market tariff calculator. In 5 minutes you may have just saved upward of £200. For most of us that will be the best paid 5 minutes of our life!

Watch on table. Save time when you switch energy supplier using our simple energy tariff calculator.

#3. The process is difficult and confusing

Comparing energy is really simple. You simply need to enter a few details that are displayed on your existing energy bill. This part takes around 5 minutes.

If you find a great new tariff and want to proceed, simply click the ‘Proceed Now’ button where it will take a couple of minutes to enter your personal details.

From here, your new energy supplier will handle the change over from start to finish. They will even speak to your old energy supplier so that the process is simple and hassle free for you. You will simply have to provide a meter reading at the point that your supply is switched over.

Confused man comparing energy prices.

#4. You think you are already getting a good deal on your energy

You could be right, but remember that prices change frequently and great deals are often used to attract new customers. Many tariffs also revert to a higher rate after an initial period (typically 1 year), meaning that your existing energy tariff may no longer be as good as when you signed up. Checking frequently only takes a few minutes and will ensure that you are on the best deal.

Value for money written on a tag. Are you getting good value on your energy tariff?

#5. All energy suppliers are the same…what’s the point in switching

This is not the case. Gone are the days where the ‘Big Six’ energy companies are the only option available. There are now more than 30 energy suppliers to choose from, offering hundreds of different tariffs and providing a different service. This increased competition between energy suppliers has meant they have had to innovate and increase the standards of service that they provide.

There are now companies specialising in the supply of renewable energy,  those that provide greater emphasis on online tariffs, and many of the alternative suppliers are offering some great deals to attract new customers. Click here to see a full list of all of the energy suppliers that we compare.

Two very different eggs. Just like eggs, energy suppliers and tariffs can actually be very different from one another. There are lots of options and prices to choose from.

#6. I live in a rented property so am not allowed to switch

Wrong. As long as you are the bill payer and it is your name on the energy bill, you have the right to choose the company that supplies gas and electricity to the property that you live in. Your landlord cannot stop you from switching supplier. You may be unable to switch however if your gas and electricity bills are included as part of your rent and you pay this to your landlord. In this case the energy supply contract for your property is between the energy supplier and your landlord. You cannot make your landlord switch supplier, however they may be happy to do so if you discuss this with them if you believe that you are paying too much for your energy.

Man ponders options to switch supplier.

#7. If you are still reading…by now you could have compared prices and be on your way to saving £000’s on energy.

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